The Process

What is Treetap®?

Treetap® Wild Rubber is a unique material, based on natural latex extracted from native rubber trees of the Amazon Rainforest. This exclusive product is made by Indians and rubber tappers (seringueiros). It contributes to the preservation of their cultures and to the conservation of their territories’biodiversity

The Process:

The latex is extracted from the tree trunk through several tap-cuts. A minimum of two years is necessary before another tap-cut can be made on the same place.

The cotton canvas is stretched over a frame and the latex is painted on the canvas. To produce a pair of laminates the seringueiro needs to tap around 10 rubber trees

The smoking is part of the vulcanization step. An exclusive and patented process developed according to social and enviromental principles.

After the natural drying the laminates are ready to be shipped by small canoes to indian or seringueiros villages. Then, they are taken by boat to the closest city, and loaded onto a truck to Rio de Janeiro, travelling 8 days from north to south