The collaboration of Indios with the Amazonlife project represents an economic alternative for local populations, thus contributing to the diffusion of their culture and to the protection of the last great lung of the Planet.  

“The first European to travel near the estuary of the Amazon River was Florentine Amerigo Vespucci, who brought back colorful descriptions of the indigenous civilizations to his countrymen. According to Vespucci, the Indios were numerous and lived in peace and harmony with nature.”

It is these local civilizations that AmazonLife (the Brazilian trademark whose international license was acquired in July 2007 by Braccialini Srl) is trying to defend; their traditions and cultures are threatened and need to be safeguarded through the promotion of a sustainable lifestyle, in perfect balance with the environment and its preservation.

By purchasing rubber – the raw material used for the manufacture of the bags – AmazonLife gives work to several families of rubber tappers – known in the local language as “seringueiros”, from the name of the rubber tree, the “seringueira” – who live in the area of Boca do Acre. These people spend six months every year in the heart of the darkness of the Amazon rainforest, where they extract latex and process it by hand. The outcome of such hard and patient work is authentic vegetable rubber, which represents a valid economic alternative for these people, as well as a precious instrument to safeguard territorial biodiversity and prevent the merciless deforestation of the Amazon basin, the greatest lung of the American continent, which is about to collapse.